Our experience at Phoenix Martial Arts

This blog was written by Marie.

Marie is one of the parents and members at Phoenix Martial Arts Academy, along with her 2 sons and 2 daughters. They are now part of the core of the club, some of the most welcoming people and help to build our community.

I initially signed my youngest child up a year ago , as I felt he has issues with his listening skills and discipline. Martin was very supportive and made sure that I felt at ease . He has taken my little boy under his wing and although my son still has issues revolving his listening skills , they have improved and he absolutely loves coming to classes . Since my son joining , the whole family clan have joined along the way!

We all have very different needs, fitness levels and abilities but Martin completely styles his teaching methods around each individual. He makes sure he spends time with you all , focussing on you progressing and pushing yourself so you see vast improvement quite quickly. Our family wouldn’t be without this club . It’s become a big part of our lives and we are very thankful to Martin .

So of course we highly recommend it !


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