How can martial arts help your child at school?

How martial arts helps kids at school?

Martial arts is one of the closest activities in terms of values to school. It helps to give your child a set of values which align closely, teaches discipline, respect and concentration and is an excellent supplement to school for most kids.

So here are a list of ways in which we here at Phoenix Martial Arts believe that our classes can help your child at school.

One of our little superstars, Oliver

1. Core values

Martial arts teaches children a core set of values which are important for future life. Being kind helpful and hard working are just 3 of the values which we teach at Phoenix Martial Arts Academy and we emphasise these each week in class.

2. Concentration

Learning new skills always takes extra concentration and kids coming to a class which they enjoy is much easier than in school where they don’t have a choice. However, whether they like it or not, learning new skills outside of class will help them to concentrate at school too.

3. Discipline

Discipline is synonymous with martial arts. We have a firm but fair approach to our style and through experience, we know when it’s appropriate to be stern and when a gentler approach is needed. Self discipline is also an important part of martial arts. To keep going when it’s hard, even just to stand on the spot for some kids is difficult, and by exposing them to tasks such as these, as well as many other opportunities to show maturity and discipline is important.

4. Confidence

This is almost certainly the part which we at Phoenix Martial Arts are best at. Our team is fantastic at bringing kids out of their shell and building their confidence. This is one of our key skills in both of our kids classes.

Confidence can help in school in a number of ways. It is key for kids’ self esteem, and can be easily knocked. This is why it’s important to create a concrete bed for kids confidence early in life. Confidence will help kids to ask for help in school, ask questions and be more pro active with their learning. It will also help them with their social development and may help to prevent them from being the victim of bullying.

5. Frustration

For kids it can be difficult to voice their frustrations which can lead to what we perceive as bad behaviour or being naughty. Channelling their frustration through punching and kicking pads is one of the best ways for them to get these frustrations out. We also emphasise that our martial arts are not to be used outside of class!

6. Listening skills

By breaking down techniques and getting kids to start slowly, speeding up over time, kids are engaged in building listening skills, focus and concentration. We sit the kids down to watch and listen so they can see the techniques first so that they can learn.

7. Language

Being exposed to learning from different people helps kids to understand different types of language and help to stimulate them.

8. Conflict resolution

We teach self defence and anti bullying, including emphasis on not using our martial arts skills outside of class (except as a last resort) and talking about how we could have handled incidents at school and home better when appropriate. We talk about the best way to encourage kids to use alternative methods to resolve their issues.

9. Structure

Having extra structure and routine outside of school is important both at home and at other clubs. Martial arts offers something more than just routine. We create a hierarchy of structure of mutual respect to help kids to respect authority, build discipline and feel empowered by standing in strong stances.

10. Social interaction

Martial arts classes are a social environment where kids can make friends and learn to interact with other people.

11. Perseverance and Resilience

Martial arts are a great way to learn to trial through adversity. We have sparring classes, where we learn to use our moves in a safe environment with our safety gear on to build resilience, learn self defence and use our moves practically. As well as our grading system in which your child will learn how to work under pressure and pass tests for their next belt.

We teach all of these skills and much more! With our champions for life programme, along with our other programmes designed to help kids to achieve, we believe that martial arts is the number one activity for helping to sculpt kids into

successful people!

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