Apart from putting a smile on your child's face, what do martial arts do for your child?

A guide to the benefits of Martial Arts

- Builds resilience and perseverance in children - Builds discipline and dedication - Teaches them how to be fit and active - creates focus and gives them an outlet to channel their frustration ⁣- Creates a positive and winning mindset - Teaches them how to work as a team - Teaches kids how to win and lose with humility and gratitude - Helps children learn how to deal with disappointment, pick themselves up and try harder next time - Gives them a strong drive and work ethic - Helps them to set targets and goals - Teaches them to respect themselves, their classmates, teachers, parents and coaches - Teaches them that you have to work hard and put in the time and effort to achieve your goals. ⁣- Gets them in an environment where they will make friends and lifelong memories

- Gets them off phones, computers and tablets - Helps them to bond with you over something which they enjoy - Helps them to achieve more in school - Helps them to learn how to deal with conflict, bullying and learn self defence - Helps them to connect with more positive influences in their lives - Helps with their balance, coordination and fitness - Boosts their confidence massively - Gives them a fun place where they'll love to come to ⁣ How much time and effort are you willing to put in to provide your child with all of these things. Martial arts isn't all about kicking and punching. These are just the vessels for lifelong skills and success.

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